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The oud-scented disinfectant gel is an alcohol-based solution for hygienic hand disinfection. It acts by direct contact in friction and is used without water. Perfumer Alberto Morillas offers you a solution of another dimension. An Alaskan cedar, coriander and Bulgarian rose give this disinfectant solution its noble title...

"Let's fight the virus. With delicately scented hands."

The active substance is ethanol (CAS 64-17-5) 65.1% m/m

Biocidal product TP01. Treat only small areas. Use a sufficient quantity so that the treated surfaces or hands remain moist for the duration of the action. Minimum application time is 30 seconds.

Federal authorization number of authorized biocidal products:

  • Disinfectant gel 100ml
  • Plastic pump | glass bottle
  • e 100ml 3.3FL - OZ.
  • Height 31/4’’/ 8 cm
  • Width 11/2''/ 4 cm
  • Made in Switzerland

      Denatured alcohol - Water - Glycerin - Carbomer - Triethanolamine - Perfume