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TENDER OUD | Travel case

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The sun has set, the sand of the Sahara is still warm. It cools down slowly, won by the darkness. The tents are set up to face the night that lies ahead. The scent of tea crowns the sight of an oasis that appears far away among the dunes. Is it a mirage? Or is it a perfumer's dream? Tender Oud is the story of a dreamed Orient: master perfumer Alberto Morillas imagines the scent of a sand, stretching as far as the eye can see, that would concentrate all the perfumes of those who have walked on it.

The smell of spice caravans, where saffron and pepper, as precious as gold, merge with the scent of wood, and the tanned and smoked leather of the trunks where merchants transport fabrics along the Silk Road. Tender Oud has the dry minerality of the grains of sand, sometimes burning and sometimes icy according to the time of day or night. Its spicy, woody and smoky accents are a tribute to the travelers and adventurers who traveled its paths.

Olfactive family: WOODY

Top notes: grapefruit essence, cardamom essence, saffron absolute
Heart notes: cypriol essence, mate absolute, Paradisone
Base notes: Muscone, Atlas cedar essence


TENDER OUD | L'étui de voyage
TENDER OUD | Travel case Sale price1.405,00 DKK