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ROSE EXALTANTE | Eau de parfum

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“You don't know me yet, but I know you won't be able to do without me. Every second, every minute, I will be your obsession. I am not picked, I am not captured. I come over by myself." Like an elusive lover, the Bulgarian rose which crowns this composition appears to be unpredictable at the beginning, magnetic and bewitching thereafter. Every instant is here impregnated with its power, although it can neither be tamed and may only be contemplated.

Pink pepper and blue chamomile enliven the composition with their spicy accents. The styrax and the oud enrich it with an animalic, feline sensuality. A rose that has nothing in common with the others, both attracting the power of woods and balsams and the voluptuousness of the most sought-after musks, pulsating at the same rhythm as the skin.

Top notes: Bulgarian rose essence, Paradisone®, SFE Pink pepper essence
Heart notes: Essence of oud from Laos, Chamomile essence
Base notes: Honduran styrax essence, Muscenone dextro®, Exaltone®

Eau de parfum Rose Exaltante
ROSE EXALTANTE | Eau de parfum Sale price£151.00 GBP

Customer Reviews

Based on 23 reviews
Tres chere

I’m obsessed! A beautiful vanilla 😍

رائع جدا

رائع جدا ، لمن يحب رائحة العود

Theresa Thalken

One of the most beautiful fragrances I have ever smelled. A sweet and haunting orange blossom. I wish it were a little stronger, but I absolutely love it.

Anton Zeiser
Ein wunderschöner Duft

Ein toller Duft!!!! Wird nicht das letzte Mal sein

Fresh and lovely

It was a blind buy for me, and I was very curious about the smell. It opens with a very fresh and citrus scent. It is very unique and it is a very lovely scent at the heart.


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