Jardin Andalou | Large scented candle

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Le Jardin Andalou est pour le nez un théâtre d'ombres et de lumières, la rencontre des fleurs entêtantes et ensoleillées avec les arabesques profondes et chaudes. La fleur d'oranger, le jasmin et le néroli, et quelques brassées de feuillage frais se mêlent en silence aux bois nocturnes et aux résines d'orient.

      • Burn time: 300 hours
      • Weight / 1500g - 53 oz.
      • Height 51/2’’/ 14 cm
      • Diameter 53/4’’’/ 15 cm
      • Made in Switzerland

    So that your candle burns in the most optimal way, please respect the following instructions: avoid moving the candle while it is burning and restrain from leaving it in a draft or on a glass or marble surface or any surface sensitive to heat. Check that the wick is in the middle when putting out the candle. Re-center it if needs be when the wax is liquid. Shorten the wick by 1/2 cm before re-lighting the candle. The candle should not be lit for more than 3-4 hours at a time. In order to protect the glass do not burn the candle to the very end, leave at least 1cm of wax. Never leave the candle alight without surveillance and keep it out of children's reach, curtains and domestic animals.

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