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Article: The Oud Assafi®

Le Oud Assafi®
Golden Oud

The Oud Assafi®

In his new creation, Golden Oud, master perfumer Alberto Morillas uses Assafi® oud for the first time. Although the Sylhet region of Bangladesh, on the border with Assam, is the historical birthplace of Oud, this is the first time an extract of the Aquilaria malaccensis variety has been registered for use in perfumery. Firmenich has created 3 captivating specialties with OUD ASSAFI® to expand the experience of magic.

For generations, Jalali Agarwood has been sustainably extracting the
Aquilaria malaccensis using traditional techniques and methods.
Because they have inherited thousands of mature trees, for every tree they cut down, Jalali Agarwood plants twenty that will remain intact for future generations.

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