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History of a Swiss House


The latter, unable to find the subtle fragrances for the interior meeting his expectations, decided to develop his own room sprays and candles with the help of his wife.

In 1999, they combined their skills in the creation of handmade scented candles made in Geneva. This was the birth of Mizensir. The desire to "put fragrances in wax", to capture their scents, requires a perfect knowledge of the raw materials and their associations, as well as a long work of research on the combustion and the diffusion of odours.

Today, run by their daughter Véronique, the House of Mizensir offers a wide range of candles and home fragrances, more than a hundred references, each with a specific scent delivering a particular mood message. In recent years, Alberto Morillas wanted to cultivate his secret garden and propose more personal creations with a combination of the materials that are most dear to him and return to the basics of traditional perfumery. Thus was born the exclusive Mizensir Parfums line.